ACSM Health & Fitness Summit

Join us at the ACSM International Health & Fitness Summit as RAD Roller's Kevin Hendry takes us through a revolutionary lecture and hands-on lab experience titled The Art & Science of Better Movement. Here's what you can look forward to from this incredible experience:


Optimal movement is a crucial determinant of life-long health and fitness but most individuals present with mobility impairments that hinder their movement competency, often resulting in discomfort, pain, reduced activity levels and increased doctor visits. Time is scarce and many people do not know what they need to be doing so they can move and feel better. These sessions will teach you how to perform SMR with laser-like precision and allow attendees to feel what it is like to address the driver, the brain and nervous system, rather than the car, the muscles and fascia. SMR and mobility drills are very effective, but not for the reasons you've been lead to believe.





Hyatt Regency Crystal City

2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy

Arlington, VA 22202